A Solution to Chipping and Peeling Paint

TMI FIBERLIFE provides a seamless surface that is tough, durable, and easily cleaned

FIBERLIFE Ceiling and Wall Coating

TMI Coatings installs FIBERLIFE, a fiberglass reinforced coating, to the ceilings and walls in plants, beams and columns, and equipment members.

The FIBERLIFE Installation Process

  • We add poly covers to protect all existing equipment and piping during the application process.
  • Ceilings and walls are mechanically abraded so the FIBERLIFE adheres to the substrate.
  • We utilize industry-leading vacuums for collection of fine, dry dust during surface preparation.


  • Very durable and can withstand constant wash down and chemicals used in the cleaning process.
  • Can handle constant humid and wet environments eliminating peeling and flaking paint.
  • Available in a low odor version.
  • Suitable for incidental food contact.
FIBERLIFE by TMI Coatings shows a guy quality checking.

TMI Coatings FIBERLIFE Case Studies

We recently applied FIBERLIFE, a fiberglass reinforced coating, to the ceiling and walls at one of the world’s largest food manufacturers. We poly covered to protect all existing equipment and piping during the application process. The ceiling and walls were mechanically abraded so the FIBERLIFE would adhere to the precast concrete and tile substrate.

This is the second large ceiling we’ve completed for this company at this facility.  We were able to meet their tight shutdown schedule. Jake Anderson of Kraft Heinz stated at the end of the project, “Looks great!  The crew did an excellent job. They worked their tails off but kept the quality of their work. The TMI Supervisor was like a hawk – watching for all of the equipment to be covered.”

We prepared and coated floors and walls for Chula Vista Cheese in Browntown, WI. A cementitious urethane floor topping was applied to the floors and FIBERLIFE was applied to the walls. “The FIBERLIFE on the walls brightens the red floor. It gives the room a clean look. TMI’s crew finished a day early which helped us with our schedule,” per Tom Dahmen.

We prepared and coated walls for Dean Foods in Decatur, IN using a fiberglass reinforced coating system suitable for food plants. Dustin Sutherland stated, “Everything looks great. Guys easy to work with and did a good job. It was great, everything I expected. TMI was easy to work with. They were really good at working with our timelines. Got everything done we wanted. Very accommodating.”

Learn More About TMI FIBERLIFE

Containment Area

TMI Coatings was once again contracted by a local metal fabrication and plating company to thoroughly line the interior floor, trench interior and wall curbs of a plating line expansion building. The project consisted of over 3,500 sq. ft. of…

Pharmaceutical Company Receives New Flooring in Reactor Rooms

At a pharmaceutical company in the central U.S. TMI Coatings restored and installed FIBERLIFE to several floors in reactor rooms.  TMI prepared the concrete surface for new coating adhesion using 7” diamond grinders with vacuum attachments.  All soft, punky concrete…

Airport Containment Area Restored

TMI Coatings installed a lining in a secondary fuel oil containment dike at an airport in Wyoming. TMI first prepared the surfaces by diamond grinding the floor, walls, and pads; there were (6) tank pads and (23) pipe pads to prepare…

FIBERLIFE, a fiberglass floor

A 350,000 sq. ft. site that manufactures aluminum, bronze & plastic outdoor signs had TMI Coatings coat their new etching area floor.  Due to the harsh chemicals, TMI installed FIBERLIFE a vinyl ester resin and mat reinforced flooring system with…

Kraft Heinz – FIBERLIFE Ceiling

TMI Coatings recently applied FIBERLIFE, a fiberglass reinforced coating, to a ceiling and walls at one of the world’s largest food manufacturer.  TMI poly covered to protect all existing equipment and piping during the application process.  The ceiling and walls…

TMI Coatings FIBERLIFE application to food processing walls

“Everything looks great.  Guys easy to work with and did a good job.  It was great, everything I expected.  TMI Coatings was easy to work with.  They were really good with working with our timelines.  Got everything done we wanted. …

Containment Dikes

TMI Coatings was hired to line interior of 3 containment dikes to contain petroleum products in the event of a spill or tank rupture. TMI FIBERLIFE vinyl ester resin with fiberglass mat reinforcement was applied to the interior of the…

FIBERLIFE Applied at Cheese Plant in Southern Wisconsin

TMI Coatings recently applied FIBERLIFE, a fiberglass reinforced coating in a large cheese plant expansion in southern Wisconsin.  FIBERLIFE was applied to concrete precast wall panels prior to equipment being placed in the area.  FIBERLIFE is ideal for wet and…

FIBERLIFE for Caustic Storage Containment Dike

A zinc plating facility hired TMI Coatings to repair and line the floor and walls of their caustic storage containment dike. TMI mechanically abraded the area, but due to the extensive erosion on the concrete floor, TMI restored various areas…

FIBERLIFE For Coating Concrete Block Walls

TMI Coatings coated the floors and concrete block walls around the perimeter of a production room at a cheese plant in Wisconsin.  TMI applied a cementitious urethane floor topping.  For the walls, TMI applied FIBERLIFE, a fiberglass reinforced coating system. …

Lining Wastewater Pits at Biofuel Facility in Midwest

TMI Coatings completed lining wastewater pits and a containment area at a biofuel producing facility in the Midwest.  In the large containment area there was a deteriorated sheet membrane with punctures that the customer wanted removed.  The owner wanted a…

TMI Coats Chemical Containment Area

TMI Coatings completed FIBERLIFE coating on the interior of a large concrete containment pit. Our customer installed a new chemical containment area to contain sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and sodium hydroxide in the event of a spill and/or tank rupture. FIBERLIFE…

TMI Coatings Applies Food Grade Coating at Food Plant

A large food plant near Minneapolis, Minnesota requested a coating be applied to the Meat Test Lab and the Fruit Room ceilings.  In the Meat Test Lab, the ceilings, I-beams, sprinkler piping and condenser pans were properly cleaned and prepared…

Fiberglass Coatings Can Solve a Problem with Peeling or Flaking Paint

Is peeling or flaking paint an issue at your plant?  Do you have wet environments where areas have been painted and repainted and the paint will not adhere?  A Wisconsin food processing plant has been dealing with these issues and…

TMI FIBERLIFE – The Wall & Ceiling Solution for Light Industrial Manufacturing

TMI FIBERLIFE Coating TMI FIBERLIFE is a low odor, fiberglass-reinforced coating that protects ceilings and walls against acids and alkalis. The coating provides a seamless surface for easy cleaning and is ideal for use in food and beverage plants where…