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Industrial Floor Coatings in Rochester, MN

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) is an industrial painting, and restoration contractor that applies a variety of floor coatings in southern Minnesota.

TMI installs epoxy and cementitious urethane floor coatings that range from 20-25 mils in final thickness to over a 1/4″ (250+ mils) depending on the environment. Most floor coatings we apply are 100% solids for ambient temperature (60+°F) installation or floor coatings with solvent that can be applied as low as 0°F. Regardless of the floor, TMI mechanically abrades 100% of the concrete floor to ensure adhesion of the new coating. Cracks, joints and spalling concrete are repaired before floor coating is applied by TMI.

Benefits of Installing Protective Flooring Coatings

Some of the benefits you may expect to achieve with a TMI installed floor include:

Employees’ increased productivity and morale when working in an aesthetically pleasing area, decreased spalling of concrete and reduced maintenance costs because it is easier to clean the floor. Coatings can be applied to make the finished surface smooth, or aggregate can be added to create a non-slip surface for safety.

TMI has completed numerous projects in Rochester, MN for Pharmaceutical Specialties and Kerry Ingredients with excellent success. Recently near Rochester, MN, TMI installed protective flooring for Minnesota Medical Technologies. TMI has had success installing protective flooring for over 35 years, and we have many satisfied customers throughout the Midwest.

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