Food Processing Plant Receives New Wall Coating

Zummo Meat, a food processing plant located in Beaumont, Texas expressed issues with paint chipping and flaking from various brick tile walls in production areas of the plant. There were also areas with missing mortar that needed to be replaced. TMI Coatings solved these problems for the owner by mechanically abrading walls with diamond grinders to clean and roughen the surface. TMI then filled the missing mortar areas between brick tiles and restored the damaged areas. Once restoration was completed, a quality epoxy coating suitable for high moisture environments was applied to all surfaces of the wall. This coating is suitable for incidental food contact. The owner was very happy with the work TMI completed and said, “the crew has done a fantastic job. Thank you for keeping us updated and for the great work.”

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Zummo Meat Brick Wall Restoration, man puts brick clay in between bricks.

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