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TMI Coatings

Education Industry

Education Industry

TMI Coatings has completed numerous projects throughout various schools and education facilities from K-12 to Universities and Colleges. Some of the projects TMI has completed for education facilities include: 

Interior Work:

  • Concrete block wall painting in gyms
  • Gym ceiling painting
  • Flooring in locker and shower rooms
  • FIBERLIFE wall coating in shower rooms (where grout is missing or deteriorated or peeling paint)
  • Pool painting
  • Pool deck flooring (around the exterior of pools for slip resistance)
  • Lining the interior of tanks

Exterior Work:

  • Building restoration on the exterior of buildings including brick and block replacement, tuckpointing, joint sealant
  • Cooling tower basin linings to reduce corrosion and waterproof
  • Sandblasting and painting stacks on the roof

Additional Services for Education Facilities:

Floor Coatings:

Industrial Painting:

TMI Coatings has worked with:

  • Burnsville Schools, MN
  • New Ulm School District, MN
  • Eagle Grove School, IA
  • Hopkins School District, MN
  • Fargo Public Schools, ND
  • Sioux Falls School District, SD
  • Rhinelander School District, WI
  • And many others

About TMI Coatings

TMI Coatings is an Industrial Painting and Restoration Contractor. We contribute to making the world a better place by handsomely restoring America’s infrastructure.

With over 35 years of experience, TMI Coatings has safely completed over 7,500 jobs. We do work safely, in a quality manner and on time to meet your schedule. Upon completion of work, 81% of responding customers rated TMI Coatings service as EXCELLENT. TMI Coatings is S/WBE (Small/Woman Business Enterprise) certified by the CERT lead agency.

Let’s Get to Work!

Oconto Falls School District loves TMI Coatings!

Learn More About How TMI Coatings Can Serve Your Industry

Concrete Floor Repairs for School Pool Deck and Locker Rooms

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was contracted by a school to complete concrete floor repairs and recoat damaged floors in their locker rooms, entryways, and on the deck around their swimming pool. Years of constant moisture and foot traffic on these floors had significantly damaged the old flooring and made the floor appear quite unappealing. Additionally,…

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Tank Restoration at Private University

A private university was in need of a tank restoration. The university contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to restore and coat the interior of a concrete brine tank (salt water) for the school’s water treatment system. The concrete tank had built up considerable amounts of brine waste and was experiencing erosion, in addition, the existing…

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Masonry Restoration and Maintenance for a School

With over 35 years of experience, TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) has the knowledge and expertise to provide complete and accurate project bids. After a best value bidding process with several other contractors, TMI was hired to complete masonry restoration and maintenance coating on the exterior of an elementary school. We make deteriorating building exteriors new…

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Three Schools; Three Solutions for School Painting Projects

No matter what restoration or painting project a school may have, TMI Coatings Inc. (TMI) has the solution for you. takes care of restoration needs of our schools. We transform flaking paint on brick, steel and concrete into surfaces that are smooth, safe and protective. School Gym Duct and Pipe Painting Recently, TMI professionals recoated…

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Brick Building Facade Repaired With Stucco

TMI Coatings completed restoration on a multi-story, century-old brick building in Minneapolis.  The customer contacted TMI Coatings after a large section of the upper brick facade fell off.  TMI got to work quickly to diagnose the reason for the failure and to come up with an economical solution for the customer.  Work consisted of demolition,…

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Industrial Floor Coatings

What floor product is right for your environment?  TMI Coatings offers a variety of floor coating systems to ensure it will last. Some of the most common coatings we provide include:  Cementitious Urethane A heavy-duty industrial floor topping that is extremely resistant to impact, heat, and thermal shock. It can be applied at ¼” –…

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Tnemec Stranlok for Jails and Prisons

Correctional facilities are not immune to deterioration and corrosion. Countless inmates, officers, and visitors put pressure on these structures over the years. For this specific prison, their showers were heavily corroded due to the constant weathering down of the floors and walls from water. The floors and walls developed considerable cracks and irregularities. The drains…

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Water Tower for NCROC

TMI Coatings’ crew members working on an elevated water tower for the NCROC (University of Minnesota) in Grand Rapids. Bob Smith at University of Minnesota stated,  “Your crew is making great progress today.  The tower made our weekly newsletter this week.  I have attached a copy.  It is looking very good.”      

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Office Renovation With TMI CHEM-RESIST Flake Floor

How can an epoxy flooring system help increase light reflectivity and at the same time create a decorative look for a professional office space?  TMI Coatings recently showed a food production facility that epoxy floor coatings are not only suitable for extreme durability in constant wear areas but can also transform a dark stained concrete…

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Stucco Restoration

TMI Coatings completed stucco restoration on a 1920’s vintage factory in the Midwest. TMI’s restoration crew framed out over a dozen recessed openings along with full removal of failing and delaminated sections of stucco. Crew members then applied new metal lath and a three coat stucco system to match the surrounding plane. A pebble dash…

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CHEM-RESIST Mechanical Room Floor Coating

Gray and yellow CHEM-RESIST floor coating installed by TMI Coatings in a mechanical room.

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TMI Applies Epoxy Mortar Mixture to Air Handler Units

A Fortune 500 Company was renovating their (5) air handler units in one of their corporate buildings.  The company hired TMI to install liquid applied flooring sloping toward the existing drain in each of the air handler units; if the water does not drain, bacteria and allergens will be pushed throughout the system.  TMI applied an…

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