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Industrial Coatings Services in Richmond, Missouri

Containment Dike Coating and Restoration Services

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) restored and coated a chemical containment dike in Emporia, KS, at a grain processing facility.  TMI has completed many similar concrete coating projects for grain processing and oilseed facilities throughout the Midwest.  Concrete dikes must contain liquids in the event of a chemical leak or spill. Coatings are suitable for short-term immersion service until a spill can be cleaned up.

For this containment dike, TMI started by removing the existing coating in accordance with the customers’ requirements using non-sparking tools.  Non-sparking and/or intrinsic tools are used to reduce the risk of explosion due to sparks. While more time-consuming to prepare surfaces with safety tools such as non-sparking, and non-magnetic wire brushes, it is safe and effective. After surface preparation with the brass brushes and wire wheels, TMI pressure washed and restored eroding concrete with a cementitious mortar.  Our team then applied a Vinyl Ester resin with mat reinforcement called TMI FIBERLIFE to create a coating to protect from corrosive chemicals.  This system creates a strong, protective barrier to the containment dike floors and walls.

Containment Dike Case Studies



Pool Coating Services

In Richmond, MO, TMI Coatings restored and painted a large community pool over 60 years old using Tnemec products.  TMI has worked with several communities and municipalities throughout the Midwest on similar indoor and outdoor pool restoration and painting projects.  We started by mechanically abrading and abrasive blasting the existing pool to remove the old flaking paint and to create a good surface profile.  All deteriorated, soft, punky concrete was chipped out, removed, and replaced with an epoxy repair mortar.  TMI also routed out the existing sealant, installed a new backer rod to allow for the required sealant thickness, taped off the joints to ensure a seamless appearance, and applied a polysulfide sealant to the joints around the pool perimeter and inside the pool seam. The final step was to apply two coats of an epoxy coating suitable for pool environments.  This system is chemically resistant to chlorine and other chemicals found in these environments.

Pool Coating Case Studies:



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