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Industrial Painting Services Near Kansas City, MO

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) is a painting and restoration contractor that offers a wide variety of coating services. TMI specializes in coating concrete and metal pools. TMI is the go-to painting and restoration contractor for pools due to our plethora of experience throughout the United States. This includes the City of Brush, CO; City of Fargo, ND; Osceola School District, WI, among many others.

Benefits of Pool Restoration and Coating:

  • Prolong the life expectancy of the pool
  • Multiple colors for different color schemes
  • Can be applied as low as 35° F
  • Different surface preparations available

Near Kansas City, MO, TMI recently completed a large pool restoration project for the City of Richmond, MO. TMI utilized Tnemec products to restore the pool. TMI sandblasted and mechanically abraded 100% of the pool area. In areas where soft, punky concrete was, TMI removed and installed a new epoxy mortar. TMI then installed a multiple-coat epoxy coating system in the color scheme the city selected. The pool is now restored and protected for many years to come.

Containment Dike Lining

TMI offers a wide variety of containment dike lining services. Whether it is concrete or metal, TMI can restore and coat the dike to protect it from chemical spills and leeching into the ground. TMI utilizes vinyl esters, polyesters, elastomeric coatings, epoxies, and more. Each containment dike is unique; we ensure that we provide you with a coating material that fits your environment.

Near Kansas City, TMI has complete containment coating projects for Cargill, AGP, and POET, among many others. TMI has completed coating hundreds of containment dikes, new and old. For more information, visit TMI@TMICoatings.com


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