Interior and Exterior Aeration Tank Lining

TMI Coatings recently lined the interior and painted the exterior of an aeration tank for an international pharmaceutical company that makes biomedical research products. TMI removed the existing spray foam insulation from the exterior of the tank, thoroughly sandblasted for proper surface preparation and applied a protective coating. For the interior of the tank, TMI sandblasted the tank to remove the existing coating. The owner then had some weld repairs completed to improve the structural integrity of the tank. Once the welding repairs were completed, TMI sandblasted these areas again so the new industrial coating system could be applied.

TMI applied FIBERLIFE, a fiberglass reinforced industrial coating system. A chemical resistant vinyl ester resin was applied with a fiberglass mat embedded into the resin. This coating system is very durable and provides good chemical resistance to the carbon steel tank. The FIBERLIFE was applied to the walls, floor and structural C-channels in the tank. TMI built a fiberglass tank within the steel tank.

Bart, the owner’s representative stated, “TMI Coatings maintained safety as a priority while on site. We went through our steps for TMI to begin work and TMI followed through with everything requested and then did their own safety management after work began. TMI was very responsive during the project and overall the project went as best as it could.”

TMI Coatings industrial painters preparing tanks for new tank lining

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TMI Coatings industrial painters applying new tank lining with

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