Kraft Heinz – FIBERLIFE Ceiling

TMI Coatings recently applied FIBERLIFE, a fiberglass reinforced coating, to a ceiling and walls at one of the world’s largest food manufacturer.  TMI poly covered to protect all existing equipment and piping during the application process.  The ceiling and walls were  mechanically abraded so the FIBERLIFE would adhere to the precast concrete and tile substrate.


FIBERLIFE is very durable and can withstand constant wash down and chemicals used in the cleaning process.  FIBERLIFE can handle consistently humid and wet environments and eliminates heat problems that can cause peeling and flaking paint.  This is the second large ceiling area TMI has completed for this company at this facility.  TMI was able to meet their tight shut down schedule.

The contact stated at the end of the project, “Looks great!  The crew did an excellent job.  They worked their tails off, but kept the quality of their work.  The TMI Supervisor was like a hawk – watching for all of the equipment to be covered.”