Large Industrial Interior Wall/Ceiling Cleaning and Recoating

Due to owner’s repurposing of a large existing production area, TMI was contracted to thoroughly clean to remove many different types of contaminates, i.e., oils, exhaust residue, grease, etc. prior to applying protective coating material.  Concrete and metal surfaces were cleaned by dry ice blasting (CO2), solvent wiping and corn cob blasting.  Two full coats of a multi-surface acrylic were applied to the concrete walls and ceiling and two full coats of rust-inhibitive epoxy coating material were applied to the steel crane beams and columns.

Fixing A Leaky Corrugated Metal Roof

Fixing a Leaky Corrugated Metal Roof

An energy company hired TMI Coatings to repair the corrugated metal roof of their shop building that was experiencing leaking problems. TMI cleaned the roof and then replaced all missing…

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