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Lead Abatement

TMI Coatings has met the strict requirements of The Society of Protective Coatings (SSPC) for industrial hazardous paint removal

Removing Lead Based Paint

TMI Coatings sandblasts and paints industrial structures encapsulating and/or removing lead paint. TMI has considerable experience sandblasting and painting tanks, gates at locks and dams, stacks, structural steel, and other industrial structures. As an SSPC QP 1 and SSPC QP 2 qualified contractor, TMI has met the strict requirements of the SSPC Industrial Hazard Paint Removal program. This is an intense certification program, requiring ongoing information submittal, annual reviews, and site visits by SSPC (The Society of Protective Coatings). QP 1 certification is a nationally recognized program that evaluates the practices of industrial painting contractors in key areas including safety and quality.  The QP 2 certification evaluates the capabilities of industrial paint contractors for their ability to safely remove and properly manage hazardous coating material in the field. TMI has the competence, experience, and ability to safely complete any complex project.

TMI is committed to doing work safely, in a quality manner and in your timeframe.

Finished product of City of Richfield Minnesota water tank

For the City of Richfield, MN, TMI Coatings completed interior recoating, complete exterior abrasive blast and recoating of 1,500,000 gallon legged elevated water tank. Containment system with bonnet, full ground cover and dust collector attached per SSPC level 2, Method A was utilized.

Structural repairs/modifications were done.

Project was difficult due to site constraints: the size and scope of the project was complex, as it was necessary to maintain City operations and telecommunications services for the duration of the project. With minimal space for TMI’s equipment – including a full-containment structure, and temporary equipment to keep telecommunications services operating, the project was further impacted by the tower’s proximity to Penn Avenue, a major thoroughfare. Project coordination was maintained with Hennepin County with regard to traffic controls, and Xcel Energy respective to overhead powerlines in order to complete the project. Finally, TMI had to allow continual access for Fire Station No.2.

This was achieved by TMI’s installation of temporary fencing around the immediate work zone and their working with the carrier’s, and fire department to establish a working corridor on the south side of the fire station, and establishing a lay-down area on the southeast side. Jersey barriers placed on the west side of the work zone provided pedestrian traffic control and allowed for the staging of additional TMI equipment.

The project was completed on time and to the satisfaction of the owner: a Letter of Recommendation from the City of Richfield, MN Contact : Russell Lupkes, Utilities Superintendent. Russell Lupkes said “TMI completed the project safely, without incident, in accordance with strict OSHA requirement for fall protection. This is the third project we have successfully completed with TMI, and will recommend utilizing TMI on future projects”.

Letter of recommendation from city of Richfield Minnesota

TMI Coatings refurbished the City of Richfield, Minnesota water tower.  SEH and TMI Coatings submitted this project for the SSPC 2016/2017 Structure Award.  The water tower refurbishing project was complex as it was necessary to maintain the City telecommunication operations.  The project was further impacted by the proximity to Penn Avenue, a major thoroughfare.  Finally, measures had to be implemented to allow continual access for Fire Station No. 2.  SEH, Dan Zienty and the City of Richfield, Richard Hintgen were very satisfied with the work completed by TMI Coatings.


From the simplest to the most complex structures, TMI Coatings’ industrial sandblasting and painting services can help protect and improve your company’s investment. First, our knowledgeable staff will personally meet with you to understand the scope of work required to complete your sandblasting and/or painting project. Then we’ll submit a proposal listing each step of the work, including a step-by-step explanation of what is to be done, proposed materials, cost to perform the work, time frame in which the work will be done and a warranty.

TMI has a full-time scheduler to coordinate our field crews and a full time purchasing coordinator to arrange for delivery of equipment and materials. We have our own construction crews employed by TMI full time. This assures you we arrive at your facility when scheduled and complete work on time. In business since 1985 and having completed thousands of successful jobs, we are committed to safely completing quality work on schedule.

TMI Coatings has considerable experience installing coatings that are subject to all types of extreme environments. TMI completed three projects involving three large liquid natural gas tanks each 147′ diameter x 121′ high, located in Garner, Iowa and in Spencer, Iowa. The tanks required insulation removal, hazardous paint mitigation, sandblasting, zinc primer application and two top coats. The projects were completed safely and on time.

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White Sands National Monument Tower Rehabilitation

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) completed metal repair work and repainting of a drinking water tank at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.  The work consisted of wet abrasive blasting and repainting the exterior of a 100,000-gallon elevated legged tank.  The exterior of the tank contained traces of lead in the old paint, TMI followed…

Eau Galle Reservoir Pipe Rehab

Despite the recent polar vortex in the Midwest with subzero wind chills, TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) continues its’ work refurbishing the Eau Galle Dam outlet and morning glory structure near Spring Valley, Wisconsin. The work involves paint removal and repainting the interior of a 9ft diameter 300ft steel horseshoe-shaped conduit and the steel structure of…

Industrial Painting of Silos, Lafarge North America, Inc.

A large industrial cement company requested TMI Coatings to prepare surfaces and apply primer and top coat to two silos, each 26’ diameter x 80’ high, including structural supports.  The paint analysis indicated lead based paint so TMI being a lead abatement/encapsulation company had to take precautions for high levels of lead in accordance with…

TMI Painted Steel Structure of Aircraft Hangars

TMI Coatings was contracted by the Air National Guard to abrasive blast and paint the exterior steel structure of aircraft hangars at their facility.  The existing paint was lead based paint requiring strict worker protections and environmental controls.  Additionally, the continuous occupation and use of the surrounding hangar and office areas were maintained throughout the…

Lead Paint Removal In The Winter

How can a company plan an outdoor painting project for a shutdown in the middle of the winter?  TMI Coatings’ personnel worked with multiple coating manufacturers in choosing a suitable coating for steel and concrete substrates that can cure down to 0°F.  The project in question was an unheated building around a large conveyor structure. …

Scaffold Erection for Sandblasting on Military Hangar

TMI Coatings Inc. (TMI) has begun scaffold erection for sandblasting and removing lead paint from a military airplane hangar.  The structure is over 120′ long and 75′ high.  Prior to sandblasting, TMI will surround the entire structure with scaffolding, including poly wrapping, to contain the debris as well as to safely work from, while adhering…

Corrosion Under Insulation

TMI Coatings removed existing sprayed in place foam insulation, sandblasted, and painted three (3) 170’ diameter ground storage tanks.  During removal of the old insulation and lead-based paint, an aging wood framed base on the concrete foundation was discovered.  To extend the life of the wood and the concrete and protect the integrity of the…

Elevated Tank in Crane, IN

TMI Coatings’ crews completed spot lead abatement and overcoating of a 100,000 gallon lattice legged elevated tank.  The crew was on a military installation requiring employees to complete RAPIDGate background checks for access to the base.   TMI was asked to complete this tank after completing a previous elevated water tank on the same facility last…

Food Plant: Lead-Based Paint Removal by TMI Coatings

A food plant was experiencing chipping and peeling lead-based paint, which was causing a safety hazard. As a result, the food plant hired TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to remove the lead-based paint safely. For over 35 years, TMI Coatings has safely removed or encapsulated lead-based paint. Lead is a highly toxic substance that causes serious…

Mississippi River Conveyor Project

While restoring other structures for this large grain facility in the U. S. TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) also restored a grain conveyor that extended over the Mississippi River from Illinois to Iowa. As with every project TMI completes, there is a strong emphasis on safety. The existing paint was peeling, and these flakes could have…

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