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Lead Paint Removal In The Winter

How can a company plan an outdoor painting project for a shutdown in the middle of the winter?  TMI Coatings’ personnel worked with multiple coating manufacturers in choosing a suitable coating for steel and concrete substrates that can cure down to 0°F.  The project in question was an unheated building around a large conveyor structure.  Some of the ceiling beams contained a lead paint which TMI had identified and took all necessary precautions in accordance with OSHA Standard 1926.62 in which all necessary personal protection equipment (PPE) were utilized.  Proper disposal of the spent abrasive was also coordinated with the owner.  This project was successfully completed in January in northern Wisconsin where the temperatures did not even reach 32°F.  TMI crew members received all excellent marks on a survey sent to the owner; the project was completed safely and in a timely manner during a critical winter shutdown.




Anaerobic Digesters And Sludge Tank

Anaerobic Digesters And Sludge Tank

TMI Coatings, Inc. recently completed a repainting project for the City of Lincoln, Nebraska at a Water Resource Recovery Facility.  The project consisted of re-coating the exteriors of three anaerobic…

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