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Silo Roof Coating Services in Lincoln, Nebraska

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) is a painting and restoration contractor that offers a unique roof coating product. The coating is a liquid applied urethane elastomer that can withstand foot traffic and ponding water unlike traditional water-based, silicone-based, or asphalt-based products available. High-quality silo roof coatings are essential at protecting precious products that fuel the backbone of our country.

Benefits of Urethane Elastomer Silo Roof Coatings

Our Lincoln, Nebraska roof coatings services offer many unique benefits exclusive to our products such as:

  • Expands and contracts as temperatures fluctuate and season changes
  • Chemically cured
  • Conforms to irregular shapes such as angles between spouting and roof or coating up the sidewalls of buildings
  • Thick film applied at 60-65 mils dry film thickness
  • Non-slip finish for safety
  • Below 32°F application and cure

Lincoln, NE Silo Roof Coating Services

Recently, near Lincoln, NE the TMI field team completed numerous silo roof coating projects for AGP Grain Marketing at their Lincoln and Hastings, NE facilities. TMI has also completed work for CPI at their Holstein, NE facility.

We have completed silo roof coatings for Cargill, ADM, CHS, Pactiv, and many other cooperatives and manufacturers throughout the United States. TMI has had success with this product for over 25 years. It is also a proven technology with over 40 years of success.

Containment Dike Linings

TMI applies a variety of coatings to containment dikes based on the chemical resistance requirements. TMI utilizes vinyl esters, polyesters, elastomeric coatings, epoxies, and more. Each containment dike is unique, we ensure that we are providing you with a coating material that fits your environment.

Near Lincoln, NE we have completed containment coating applications for Grand Island Utilities, Lincoln Industries, and POET. TMI has completed coating hundreds of containment dikes, new and old. For more information visit TMI@TMICoatings.com

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