Logo Painting

TMI Coatings was contracted to prepare and paint five grain bins including sides, roofs, handrails and ladders for an animal feed manufacturer.  TMI primed all surfaces with a high quality epoxy primer with excellent rust inhibitive properties and then applied a top coat of a high quality acrylic coating.  This two coat system offers good corrosion resistance provided by the epoxy primer and the acrylic top coat offers long lasting color and gloss retention.

While on site, TMI was awarded restoration of their worn logo.  TMI primed the rusting areas with an epoxy primer and then coated the entire sign with a high quality acrylic polyurethane coating.  TMI used this coating because of the excellent color and gloss retention it provides, keeping dark and bright colors from fading quickly.

When asked for feedback on our work, the location manager commented: TMI’s crew was nothing but great while they were here.  We were able to continue our business without skipping a beat and the new logo looks great.

TMI Applies FIBERLIFE To Containment Dikes

TMI Applies FIBERLIFE to Containment Dikes

TMI installed FIBERLIFE to containment dikes that store harsh chemicals. The customer stated, "The crew worked very well with our coordinator for the execution of this project." The customer said he will use TMI to install protective coatings at their other locations.
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