Machinery Painting for Global Paper Company

TMI Coating completed press machinery painting for a global paper company. The paper company makes more than 90% of its products from renewable fibers. The company had a short maintenance window for completing the maintenance painting. TMI was able to staff the project with two crews of 6 men working around the clock so the project could be completed within 72 hours.

TMI worked with the owner to have belts, hoses and detachable components removed so TMI would have access to all areas for coating. TMI prepared the machine surfaces by degreasing and high-pressure wash cleaning to remove grease and other bond inhibiting contaminants. The machines were further prepared by needle gunning and power tool cleaning to remove pack rust, flaking paint and other loose foreign material. TMI then applied two full coats of high build fast cure epoxy designed for protection of steel in industrial environments. The epoxy system used is intended for use in a wide range of applications including refineries, fabrication shops, chemical plants, tank exteriors, power plants, water treatment plants and the mining industry.

TMI completed this project in the short time frame and schedule requested by the owner. Attention to detail and thorough surface preparation will provide a long-lasting finish for corrosion protection.

Machinery painting to reduce corrosion

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Machinery painting to reduce corrosion

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