Minneapolis Skyway Painting

Painting skyway bridges in downtown locations can be challenging in many ways. Projects of this nature are highly visible requiring professionalism and quality workmanship done in a timely manner to reduce pedestrian and traffic interruption.

After obtaining sidewalk and street closing permits from the City of Minneapolis to re-route pedestrian and vehicular traffic around areas being cleaned and painted, TMI Coatings high pressure washed the bridge to remove bird droppings, nests, and loose/flaking paint. All corroded areas were hand power tool cleaned and primed prior to finish painting. The corroded areas were primed with a rust inhibitive metal primer and high quality finish paint was applied for an aesthetically pleasing finish. Most skyway bridge painting is tedious work due to application of the paint by brush and roll rather than spray to reduce the risk of paint overspray onto windows, buildings, sidewalks and vehicles. Also many bridges have a lot of glass to protect and hard to reach angles to access to clean and paint. Many have year round special lighting to carefully work around and pigeon proofing guards to remove and replace.


TMI Paints Two Livestock Silos In Dallas

TMI Paints Two Livestock Silos in Dallas

TMI Coatings completed exterior maintenance painting on two livestock silos for a large feed producer in Dallas, TX.  All surfaces were cleaned to remove contaminates using 4,000 psi pressure washers. …

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