Molasses Pipe Bridge Coating

TMI Coatings was contracted to prepare the surface, prime and top coat a molasses pipe bridge at a yeast facility in Tennessee. TMI protected all sensitive equipment to protect from any overspray. Next, TMI prepared the surfaces as necessary to ensure adhesion of subsequent coats. TMI pressure washed, further hand/tool cleaned to remove any loose, peeling paint. Further hand ground bare surfaces prior to installing primer. TMI then applied a full coat of rust-inhibitive epoxy primer suitable for high performance on new and old steel. TMI then top coated the entire pipe bridge with a gloss aliphatic polyurethane top coat. The system TMI recommended had outstanding weather resistance with excellent gloss and color retention. After the job was completed, the contact stated, “I just wanted to let you know Tim (our Foreman) did a great job on the pipe bridge, he is a very good man.”

Sandblast And Coating Fans

Sandblast and Coating Fans

A Montana power plant contracted with TMI Coating to sandblast and coat several ID fans.  TMI sandblasted removing old thick film tank lining and preparing metal to a Near White…

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