Multi-million dollar expansion requests TMI FIBERLIFE

Kraemer Brothers hired TMI Coatings to apply a food-grade approved, durable protective coating to walls, columns, and alcoves at a cheese-making facility in Monroe, Wisconsin. This 4th generation owned and operated cheese plant added a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art Make Room and Coolers to their existing facility.

TMI installed FIBERLIFE—a fiberglass-reinforced protective coating—in four different areas throughout the facility, including walls that were formerly the exterior of the plant. TMI took great care to poly cover and protect adjacent surfaces while completing our work.

In order to ensure proper adhesion and durability of the coating, TMI mechanically abraded the walls and columns to clean and roughen and create a surface profile. TMI used hand-held diamond grinders with vacuum attachments to abrade the substrates. These vacuum attachments had hepa filters to collect dust and foreign matter.

TMI took extra precautions to protect the integrity of the expansion joints on the precast concrete panels. Once the substrates were properly prepared, TMI installed FIBERLIFE. FIBERLIFE is a unique, durable coating created by embedding fiberglass mat into food-grade resin. To ensure the entire area is seamless, TMI overlapped edges of the fiberglass mat and applied a final seal/gel coat to the walls, columns, and alcoves.

The cheese facility was happy with the work TMI did and asked TMI to stop by to discuss future work at the facility. TMI has completed a variety of other important projects for cheese-making facilities such as floor coating, ceiling coating, and silo painting.

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