New Production Area flooring for healthcare packaging facility

TMI Coatings installed protective flooring in the Production Area of a healthcare packaging facility in Wisconsin. Many steps were taken by TMI to prepare the floor surface for new coating adhesion. First, TMI created an anchor pattern and removed old flooring that was loose and disbonded. To do this, we used a steel shotblaster and hand-held grinders with vacuum attachments. TMI then restored all eroded and cracked areas to the surrounding plane. We saw cut around edges of repair areas to ensure a smooth transition between the old and new floor.

Once those preparation steps were taken, TMI applied cementitious urethane self-leveling flooring in the Production Area. This 100% solids protective flooring is designed to protect the concrete from chemical attacks, corrosion, impact, and thermal shock. Cementitious urethane flooring is seamless, durable, and suitable for industrial use. TMI incorporated red flint aggregate broadcast for slip resistance for safety. The customer rated TMI all excellent on safety, quality, efficiency, cleanliness, and communication with the TMI office.

TMI Coatings workers sanding and working on project
TMI Coatings workers sanding and working on project
TMI Coatings workers sanding and working on project
Industrial Tank Lining And Coating

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