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Tank Linings to Reduce Corrosion

Services For Utility, Chemical, Petroleum Industries

TMI Coatings performs many services for the utility, chemical, and petroleum industries. TMI installs various tank linings for industry.  TMI will work with various manufacturer’s engineers to ensure the system chosen for lining is suitable and resistant to the products being stored.  All TMI crew member are confined space trained.

TMI can apply high-density fireproofing to indoor and outdoor structures including vessel skirts, tank I-beam legs, and any critical structural steel.

TMI also performs sandblasting and painting to industrial structures such as stacks to protect metal from corrosion.

Our experienced crews restore concrete and install floor toppings, dike linings, pit and sump linings.

Learn More About Tank Linings

Tank Lining Repair

Tank lining repairs completed by TMI Coatings to a fuel oil tank after testing and welding completed. TMI Coatings has been repairing tanks for over 35 years. As of April 1, 2018 TMI Coatings EMR is .89. We are a safety conscious construction company.

Protective Coating for Chemical Storage Area

TMI Coatings coated the floor and walls of a chemical storage area in Wisconsin with a chemical resistant protective coating to contain liquids in the event of a chemical spill or tank rupture.

TMI Coats Chemical Containment Pit Area with FIBERLIFE

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) completed FIBERLIFE coating on a large concrete containment pit interior. Our customer installed a new chemical containment area to contain sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and sodium hydroxide in the event of a spill and/or tank rupture. FIBERLIFE was chosen because it has superior chemical resistance to both acid and alkalis, is…

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