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Pipe Painting

Reduce corrosion and improve aesthetics

Pipe Painting

TMI Coatings was contracted by Northern Natural Gas, a Berkshire Hathaway company, to complete painting on their pipes.  All TMI field personnel received Operator Qualified (OQ) training to certify their competence in coating by mechanical spray, hand application, and wrap application for conducting work on pipelines.  The OQ evaluator observed as each crew member demonstrated competency.

TMI protected equipment around the area to prevent damage during surface preparation and painting.  TMI had to comply with environmental requirements placing ground covers and containing areas that were to be sandblasted.  TMI then sandblasted piping to SSPC-SP10 Near White Blast, applied one full coat of rust-inhibitive epoxy primer as specified, and installed an intermediate coat to all primed surfaces, then applied a top coat of a gloss coating material in accordance with the owners color scheme.  High temperature paint coatings were used where specified.  Over $1,000,000 worth of sandblasting and painting is being done at compressor stations and town border stations by TMI throughout the country.

School Gym Ducting and Pipe Painting

TMI Coatings was recently contracted to recoat the ducting and piping throughout the large gym of a school. The ducting and piping had existing delaminating paint due to improper surface preparation to the galvanized steel substrates prior to the original coating application. TMI’s crew hand prepared the entirety of the surfaces by utilizing compressed air, further hand/tool scraping and abrading to remove all loose, flaking paint coating material. The crew then further prepared the bare galvanized steel by hand solvent wiping to ensure a proper substrate condition for new coating adhesion. The crew then applied two full coats of a quality coating material suitable for galvanized steel substrates. Our contact, Mike Bouche stated, “everything looks nice. Gym looks great. The crew spent a lot of time preparing the surfaces. They did a great job cleaning up. I am happy.”

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