Power Plant Needs Acid Containment Interior Lining

An old coal burning power power plant converted to gas-fired burners years ago, a difficult construction feat because the new equipment such as gas piping needed to be built around existing structures in the plant. The Power Plant Maintenance Mechanic asked TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to return for another construction project at the plant. Over the years we painted coal transfer conveyors, stacks, buildings and other structures for this power plant and others. In this instance TMI lined the interior of an acid containment area located outside the plant.  The acid containment area was deteriorated from hydrochloric acid spills and outdoor elements.


  • TMI cut out loose, disbonding old material from the walls and floor, then restored all eroded areas with a vinyl ester mortar mixture.
  • TMI then applied a new fiberglass lining system consisting of a chemical resistant resin and mat reinforcement to the floors, walls and supports. The lining offers corrosion resistance, a high degree of resistance to thermal aging and heat.
  • The finished lining system is suitable for chemicals found at the power plant.


The contact Todd Safly stated, “I went and looked at it, it looks like they did a really nice job, looks great, thank you very much. I appreciate your work”.

Completed containment area
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