Preventing Moisture in Grain Bins

TMI Coatings Applies a Waterproof Membrane to Prevent Moisture in Grain Bins

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A North Dakota grain company had an issue with moisture seeping into the bottom of three, 42’ in diameter, steel grain bins. The infiltrating water would heat and subsequently cause the grain to mold. TMI Coatings recommended that the bins’ exteriors be sealed with a waterproof membrane to prevent future moisture problems.


  • Removed exterior grain and debris where the bins met the concrete pads.
  • Prepared the steel/concrete juncture by removing the old, failed sealant.
  • Applied protective coating to concrete base of the metal bins and bonding primer to the steel/concrete juncture, up the bins’ sides, and onto the concrete.
  • To prevent moisture from entering the bin, sealed the steel/concrete juncture with a waterproofing membrane.


Weather in the Midwest varies from hot and humid to driving rain and frigid temperatures. Because TMI’s waterproof coatings expand and contract, they’re ideal for protection during the most extreme temperature changes.

TMI Coatings Waterproof Bins BeforeTMI Coatings Waterproof Bins After

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TMI Coatings Waterproof Bins After
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