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Property Management

Due to TMI’s diverse capabilities in completing various scopes of work, the property management industry has utilized TMI Coatings services widely throughout the upper Midwest.  Some of these companies are CBRE, Cushman and Wakefield, Grubb & Ellis Management Services, Ryan Companies as well as many others.  TMI Coatings has also been contracted by in house mechanical contractors such as: Yale Mechanical, Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors, Harris Mechanical and others.  These projects include but are not limited to:  cooling tower basin lining, condensate tank lining, traffic deck coating, parking decks and ramps, building painting and restoration.  Please see below list for additional scopes of work:

Specialty Coatings:

Floor Coatings:

Tank Linings:

Industrial Painting:

Commercial painters with wonderful evaluations, that's TMI Coatings.

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Satisfied Customer Repeats the Project 15 Years Later

Over 15 years ago, TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was contracted by Doyle Security Products to complete restoration and painting to the exterior of their office building. Doyle, a previous satisfied customer requested again to wash, paint, and restore the exterior of the building, made up of concrete and metal paneling, to make it look new…

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TMI Coatings Restores and Waterproofs Exterior Balconies

An assisted living facility contacted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) regarding coating several residential exterior balconies. The railings on the exterior balconies were failing due to extensive corrosion on the railings resulting in some of the bases breaking off at the metal/concrete juncture. Prior to TMI’s arrival, the owner replaced all the vertical structural steel posts…

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Three Schools; Three Solutions for School Painting Projects

No matter what restoration or painting project a school may have, TMI Coatings Inc. (TMI) has the solution for you. takes care of restoration needs of our schools. We transform flaking paint on brick, steel and concrete into surfaces that are smooth, safe and protective. School Gym Duct and Pipe Painting Recently, TMI professionals recoated…

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Cooling Tower Basin Restoration and Lining

Years of abuse and chemicals used in treat the water led the concrete in the massive cooling tower to degrade. Concrete is a naturally porous substrate, without protecting it it is susceptible to erosion and degradation. TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) completed extensive restoration to this concrete cooling tower basin at an oilseed processing plant. Procedure:…

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Truck Driving School Gas Tank Enclosure Project

A semi-truck driving school requested TMI Coatings to prepare the surface and coat the exterior steel containment gas tank enclosures.  TMI prepared the surfaces by pressure washing, hand/tool cleaning all rust areas and applied one full coat of rust-inhibitive epoxy primer by brush and roller, then applied a top coat of a quality paint coating…

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Old School Gym Gets a Face Lift

A school district requested TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to give their school gym a facelift. They requested TMI to paint the brick and block walls to help improve light reflectivity and to brighten the gym. With help from the owner, TMI devised a plan to complete this work during a time that the school gym…

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Brick Building Facade Repaired With Stucco

TMI Coatings completed restoration on a multi-story, century-old brick building in Minneapolis.  The customer contacted TMI Coatings after a large section of the upper brick facade fell off.  TMI got to work quickly to diagnose the reason for the failure and to come up with an economical solution for the customer.  Work consisted of demolition,…

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Donaldson Company

A large industrial filter manufacturer requested TMI Coatings to paint a dirty, dusty, metal ceiling 272’ long x 60’ wide. The ceiling was dry ice blasted, then primed with a rust-inhibitive epoxy primer, and top coated with a quality paint.   The customer was happy with TMI’s workmanship and we completed the project within their…

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Is your facility challenged with ongoing fireproofing requirements?  TMI Coatings has successfully completed many large scale fireproofing projects.  The most recent required a spray-applied fireproofing to over 6,500 sq. ft. of I-beams and columns in a new senior living facility.  The fireproofing product applied was a durable gypsum-based wet mix commercial spray applied fire resistant…

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Office Renovation With TMI CHEM-RESIST Flake Floor

How can an epoxy flooring system help increase light reflectivity and at the same time create a decorative look for a professional office space?  TMI Coatings recently showed a food production facility that epoxy floor coatings are not only suitable for extreme durability in constant wear areas but can also transform a dark stained concrete…

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Maintenance Shop Flooring in City Bus Terminal

TMI Coatings flooring crew apply sealer/dustproofer and epoxy flooring to multiple rooms in a city bus terminal after TMI painting crew completes wall painting.  Aggregate is used to reduce slipping to protect employees safety.  Epoxy line striping is added to the floors.  TMI applies approximately 65,000 square feet of maintenance shop flooring.  The crews work…

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Stucco Restoration

TMI Coatings completed stucco restoration on a 1920’s vintage factory in the Midwest. TMI’s restoration crew framed out over a dozen recessed openings along with full removal of failing and delaminated sections of stucco. Crew members then applied new metal lath and a three coat stucco system to match the surrounding plane. A pebble dash…

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Painting Fuel Oil Tanks in LA

TMI Coatings was selected to prepare the surface and coat the exterior of (14) horizontal storage tanks including ancillary piping, valves, pumps, fuel skid equipment, etc. The tanks sizes were from 12,000 to 30,000 gallon capacity. The scope of work consisted of SSPC-SP2 hand tool cleaning, SSPC-SP3 power tool clean, SSPC-SP12/NACE 5 surface preparation by…

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Protective Coating Provides Slip Resistance for Safety

A Midwest state treatment center requested TMI Coatings install a protective coating to the concrete steps and deck of their facility entrance for slip resistance. The owner’s concern was that they had tried applying previous coatings in-house which had failed. The existing steps and deck had multiple layers of flaking coating and was very slippery…

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Building Exterior Restoration by Tuckpointing

TMI Coatings was hired by a Fortune 500 company to perform building restoration work on the exterior of their grain elevator facility. The 7,000 sq. ft. of older brick was pressure washed to clean and identify repair areas. Tuckpointing was performed on thousands of sq. ft. of wall surfaces where mortar joints in the brick…

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TMI Performs Tube Sheet and Water Box Coating

TMI Coatings Inc. was awarded a contract with Colorado Springs Utilities to perform repairs, surface preparation and coating application to two large condensers at the Martin Drake Power Plant located in Colorado. Prior to surface preparation and coating application, approximately 8,600 7/8” outside diameter stainless steel tube ends were precisely trimmed and flared flush with…

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CHEM-RESIST Mechanical Room Floor Coating

Gray and yellow CHEM-RESIST floor coating installed by TMI Coatings in a mechanical room.

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Service Evaluation

TMI Applies Epoxy Mortar Mixture to Air Handler Units

A Fortune 500 Company was renovating their (5) air handler units in one of their corporate buildings.  The company hired TMI to install liquid applied flooring sloping toward the existing drain in each of the air handler units; if the water does not drain, bacteria and allergens will be pushed throughout the system.  TMI applied an…

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TMI Coatings Completes SafeLane™ on Parking Structure

TMI Coatings, Inc. applied Cargill SafeLane™ to ramp surfaces of a parking structure; SafeLane™ is designed for increased safety, increased mobility and infrastructure protection. This two coat polymer epoxy helps reduce ice or frost formation on surfaces while protecting infrastructure from corrosion and chloride intrusion. Cargill SafeLane™ creates an anti-skid surface to prevent slips and…

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TMI Waterproofs Leaky Walmart Roof

Walmart was experiencing leaks around their roof top units. TMI Coatings applied several coats of fiber-reinforced elastomeric waterproof coating to professionally seal around leaking areas.

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Waterproofing of Electrical Vaults by Epoxy Injection

One of the world’s largest food production companies contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to safely restore and waterproof two underground vaults. These vaults contain valuable electrical equipment that is vital to the day-to-day operation of the food production facilities. Obviously, subjecting electronics to water is quite dangerous, however, TMI’s commitment to working with owners to…

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Oily and dirty ceiling coated by TMI Coatings

TMI Coatings was contacted by a manufacturing facility in the upper Midwest that produces parts for hydraulics. This facility is very oily and dirty. The company hired TMI to coat the ceiling. The ceiling was very oily and dirty due to the machining process. TMI hand cleaned/solvent wiped and dry ice blast to promote adhesion…

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TMI Lines Cooling Tower Basins to Reduce Corrosion

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) recently restored and replaced linings in eight rooftop cooling tower basins on two separate buildings. Cooling tower basins are constantly subjected to chemicals – which can cause corrosion to the metal pan and possible growth of fungus. TMI restored these basins by recommending and installing a new coating system that provides…

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