Reduce Corrosion Under Insulation

TMI Coatings was contracted by a fuel terminal company in St. Paul, MN to perform work on a caustic storage tank.  TMI was to perform repairs on the tank lining, apply a thermal coating to the lower portion of the tank, apply a waterproof coating to the base of the tank, and apply a protective coating to various nozzles on the tank exterior.

For the tank lining portion, TMI prepared the surfaces by sandblasting to SSPC SP-10 Near White Metal blast.  Once all surface prep was complete, TMI stripe coated all weld seams, crevices, and outside angles.  TMI then applied two full coats of high solids phenolic tank lining material for corrosion protection.

On the lower section of the tank exterior and the tank nozzles, TMI sandblasted to SSPC SP-6 Commercial blast.  For the concrete/tank wall juncture, TMI primed all surfaces with an epoxy primer to protect the steel from corrosion, and mitigate the risk of outgassing in the concrete.  TMI then applied urethane elastomer to the juncture.  This waterproof coating prevents moisture from penetrating between the concrete and the steel of the tank, thus preventing corrosion.  For the remaining height, TMI primed with a inorganic zinc-rich primer.  TMI then applied a thermal insulating coating to the tank wall.  This coating resists corrosion under insulation (CUI) and provides an R-value like that of other forms of insulation.  For the nozzles, TMI applied two full coats of rust inhibitive epoxy metal primer, and a full top coat of high solids polyurethane.  This will protect the steel from further corrosion, while maintaining color stability and gloss.

Upon completion, the owner stated: “Finished result looks good.  The critical work was completed in a timely manner.”

Fertilizer Tower Painting By TMI

Fertilizer Tower Painting By TMI

Fertilizer is very corrosive to carbon steel and can cause rusting to develop earlier than is expected.  TMI Coatings painted and treated a fertilizer tower by thoroughly high pressure washing…

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