Refurbishment of a 1,000,000 Gallon Tank

TMI Coatings recently began a tank refurbishment project for the Port of Brownsville, TX. TMI set up a containment system with a dust collector. The crew took special care in protecting the camera, pressure gauge, and all other electrical units on site from damage prior to beginning sandblasting.

TMI is currently testing the metals for the presence of soluble salts, sandblasting and applying coating to the interior and exterior of the 1,000,000 gallon tank.

This work is scheduled to be completed by March 2014.


tank refurbishment project
Zinc Primer On Water Tower In Richfield

Zinc Primer on Water Tower in Richfield

TMI Coatings applies a zinc primer to sandblasted steel on a 130' tall water tower.  Our applicator uses fall protection and an organic vapor respirator to safely apply the material.  Zinc…

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Waterproofing Metal Silos

Waterproofing Metal Silos

To reduce corrosion and seal the floor/tank juncture of metal silos TMI Coatings installs elastomeric waterproof coating. To seal along the ground floor/silo juncture of several metal silos used to…

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TMI Paints Water Tower In Dallas, TX

TMI Paints Water Tower in Dallas, TX

TMI Coatings’ painters applied a zinc primer, an epoxy intermediate coat, and a quality topcoat to the exterior of an elevated water tower.  The crew used specialty hoists and steel cables…

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