Repairing And Restoring Fiberglass Domes

Weathering and ultraviolet rays can cause fiberglass to deteriorate over time.  TMI Coatings’ crews high pressure washed to clean the domes’ structure prior to repairing voids and holes with fiberglass patch. A final gel coat was applied to all surfaces to improve longevity of the domes. 

TMI Coatings’ EMR is .90. We use our own field crews to perform the work in a safe and professional manner. 

Work completed by the TMI Coatings Team:


TMI Coatings Lines Underground Pipe

TMI Coatings Lines Underground Pipe

TMI Coatings lined the interior of a 3.5’ diameter by 80’ long pipe. The protective coating was applied to the interior of the pipe to contain liquids and prevent leakage.…

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