Restoring a Skyway Bridge

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) has significant experience with restoring urban skyway bridges.

Skyway bridges provide convenience and safety that crosswalks simply do not. In some cases, they can even provide beauty for a community. Over time, deterioration sets in on these bridges causing corrosion, and aesthetically the bridges require repainting.


  • Arranged all barriers, traffic cones, and cautionary signs around the work area. Placed protective covers over nearby cars, cameras, and parking meters to prevent overspray. Erected scaffolding to allow pedestrians to safely walk through.
  • Pressure washed the skyway bridge to remove all loose and flaking paint. Cleaned all debris daily.
  • All damaged areas were cleaned to SSPC-SP2/3 using hand and power tools.
  • Prime all surfaces with rust-inhibitive epoxy coating.
  • Applied two coats of Tnemec polyurethane paint to all metal surfaces.


Safety is our number one priority. Before, during, and after a project, our staff takes the necessary precautions to ensure safety to our employees and the public. While restoring, our painters ensure the finest coatings are correctly applied. The epoxy primer applied underneath the topcoat protects the steel by providing a corrosion barrier. This specific coating inhibits the creation of rust in steel. The two final coats of Tnemec polyurethane provide durability and excellent gloss and color retention. Barb Morin, a public official, stated, “It looks great… Bridge Inspector also said it looks good.”

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Skyway Bridge

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