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TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) is an industrial painting and restoration contractor that has successfully completed numerous silo roof coating projects.  The silo roof coating material used is tough and durable.  It can be applied to metal and concrete to provide long-term waterproof protection for years because it is a chemically cured product.  It is made to withstand ponding water, unlike water-based roofing products.  With a high elongation factor, the coating expands and contracts; therefore, it will not crack, chip, or peel due to changing temperatures.

Benefits of Silo Restoration Services

Our Fort Worth silo roof coating services offer many unique benefits exclusive to TMI Coatings, such as:

  • The coating system is fluid applied, so sealing around penetrations or other obstacles is not an issue.
  • Once finished, the urethane elastomer coating system will not have any seams for water to penetrate.
  • The thick, durable coating is made to withstand ponding water, so no additional roof sloping is necessary.
  • Roofing granules are broadcast into the finish coat to provide slip resistance for safety.

Fort Worth, TX Silo Roof Coating Services

TMI recently completed a concrete silo roof coating project for a large grain mill in Shawnee, OK.  TMI prepared the surface by pressure washing with 4,000 PSI pressure washers with rotating tips.  Further hand or power tool prep was performed in smooth areas requiring an anchor pattern for new coating adhesion.  TMI then restored any eroded concrete to the surrounding plane using a polymer-modified cementitious repair mortar.  Once all restoration was complete, TMI applied our urethane elastomer coating system to the roof to provide a waterproof seal.

Upon completion, the owner stated, “All went well with the project.  We have had multiple instances of heavy rain and have observed no leaks.  The work looks great from up top and has met all my expectations.  The crew worked safely with our employees and facilities.  They were respectful with our property and worked with our crew to get the work done in a timely manner and left the work site in good order.”

We have also completed silo roof coating projects for Cargill, ADM, AGP, CHS, Bunge, and many other cooperatives and manufacturers throughout the United States.  TMI has been completing silo roof coating projects for over 30 years.

Near Fort Worth, TX, we have completed projects for Cargill, ADM, USALCO, PACTIV, Poly America, Frito Lay, and various other companies.  TMI has completed hundreds of silo roof coating projects across the country.

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