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Silo Restoration and Waterproofing

Sound out to remove spalling concrete. Restore to the surrounding plane. Waterproof to reduce moisture intrusion.

Concrete Silo Restoration Process

  • We complete a job safety analysis prior to beginning work.
  • Upon safely rigging or accessing the silos, we prepare the surfaces by water blast cleaning to remove loose and flaking old coatings and to expose concrete areas requiring repair.
  • Inferior concrete is removed exposing rebar.
  • Rebar is cleaned, abraded and primed to reduce further rusting which can be the cause of spalled concrete.
  • After surface preparation work is complete, we apply a primer/sealer coat to the concrete silos.
  • An elastomeric coating is applied to the silos. Elastomeric coatings are waterproof and resist wind-driven rain due to their flexibility. Large projects specified with an elastomeric coating come with a 5-year labor and material warranty guaranteeing the coating will not chip, peel or flake.

Silo Coating And Head House Roofs Process

  • After removing the existing roofing by pressure washing, scraping, grinding and/or sandblasting, we repair splits, blisters and punctures on the roof.
  • We apply an asphalt-based urethane elastomer roofing system. Applying this in a heavy-duty, thick film manner provides a seamless, monolithic membrane. Aggregate incorporated into the roofing system provides slip resistance.

These steel bolted silos were allowing moisture intrusion due to the pressure of the product and mother nature creating small voids in the flanges of the panels.  TMI applied a urethane elastomer seam sealing product to the bolt heads and ends and the flanges of the panels to create a watertight seal prior to applying the exterior coating system.

Learn More About Silo Restoration and Waterproofing

Silo Roof Waterproofing in Northern Iowa

When asked about the silo roof waterproofing job, the location leader said, “Everything went well in accordance with the plan, minus the weather difficulties.  The crew did well and overall, very happy with the project and work TMI Coatings provided.” Recently TMI Coatings was hired by an agricultural grain company to repair and restore several…

Silo Base Coating and Restoration by TMI Coatings

A large manufacturing plant contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to complete a silo base coating project on the interior and exterior of several large silos. The project consisted of six large silos. The chime long the base of the silos had developed lots of rust over the years. The Owner requested for TMI to remove…

Exterior Silo Painting by TMI Coatings

After hearing of our broad experience restoring and protecting tanks and silos, a fresh meat supplier hired TMI Coatings Inc. (TMI) to complete exterior silo painting on five tall silos. The tanks were very dirty and had faded overtime due to the harsh UV rays from the sun. Even with a project of this magnitude,…

Interior Silo Lining for a Plastic Manufacturer

Continental Plastic Corp., a manufacturer of food safety and sanitation products, hired TMI to complete a silo lining project.  Moisture from the outside elements was seeping into the silo causing the plastic pellets to clump together and ruin product. The saying goes, “It’s what’s inside that counts.” This statement is true, especially when it comes…

Flour Silo Lining

TMI Coatings has lined the interior of flour silos in Dallas-Fort Worth to eliminate chipping and flaking paint which can contaminate the flour and disrupt production. Great care was taken to prepare the silos’ surfaces to ensure good coating adhesion. The silos were first solvent cleaned to remove contaminants and oils per SSPC-SP 1, then…

Concrete Silo Restoration and Coating in Crookston, Minnesota

TMI Coatings is currently completing a large concrete silo restoration and coating project in northwest Minnesota.  TMI’s crew safely rigged scaffolding from the silo roofs to access the silo walls to remove all loose and/or spalling concrete.  TMI then prepared all exposed rebar by mechanically abrading to remove rust prior to priming.  TMI’s crew then…

Mississippi River Conveyor Project

While restoring other structures for this large grain facility in the U. S. TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) also restored a grain conveyor that extended over the Mississippi River from Illinois to Iowa. As with every project TMI completes, there is a strong emphasis on safety. The existing paint was peeling, and these flakes could have…

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