Silo Skirt Restoration and Roof Coating Project

Rust – no more.

TMI Coatings completed silo skirt restoration and painting a group of resin silos for a plastic film manufacturing company. On the interior and exterior of seven welded steel silos’ skirtings we removed the existing coating material and rust.

Procedures for the silo painting:

  • Pressure washed the silos with 4,000psi pressure washers to remove dirt, flaking paint and other contaminants.
  • Mechanically abraded steel to remove all loose coating and rust. Sanded surfaces to ensure adhesion.
  • Primed rusting and all bare metal and concrete.
  • On the exterior of all the silos TMI utilized articulating electric lifts and applied a full coat fast cure epoxy by brush and roller, to protect the steel and concrete and then used a semi-gloss acrylic coating white in color as the finish coat.
  • Applied two coats of urethane elastomer and anti-slip granules to the silos’ roofs.

Procedures for sealing the silo bases to reduce corrosion:

  • TMI removed broken punky existing grout along the silos’ base rings and replaced it with epoxy grout.
  • Primed and applied two coats of urethane elastomer coating (chemical and moisture resistant) to seal the steel base/concrete pad juncture.


The manufacturing company commended TMI Coatings for a thorough job and attention to detail.

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Charter NEX Silo Skirt Painting by TMI Coatings
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