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TMI Specialty Coatings

Specialty Coatings For Concrete & Steel

TMI Coatings is a specialty contractor; we install a variety of protective coatings on concrete and steel. We restore America’s infrastructure. TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) is a safety conscious industrial painting and concrete coating company. TMI is a diversity, Woman-Owned Small Business. TMI has been in business over 35 years and is certified by SSPC as both a QP1 and QP2 contractor. The QP1 qualification is provided to contractors with proven experience, knowledge and equipment to produce high quality work within safety guidelines and health and environmental standards. QP2 certifies our competence in hazardous paint removal. We hire, train and complete work with our own crews throughout the continental U.S. We are licensed in twenty-three states.

We do work safely, in a quality manner and on time to meet your schedule.

Concrete Coating, Tank Coating, Dike Coating & More

A small example of the specialized coating projects/systems TMI has successfully installed for various industries includes:

  • FIBERLIFE to beams in high humidity production areas
  • Stucco restoration
  • Sprayed-in-place urethane foam insulation
  • Fireproofing
  • Flat concrete silo and headhouse roof coating
  • ESD and Conductive floor toppings
  • Cooling tower basin lining
  • Machine painting
  • Certified lead abatement and/or encapsulation
  • Logo application
  • Sump, pit, trench and containment lining systems as well as many others

Click on any of the links to the left for more detailed information on these installations.  If you have a project that is difficult to access or just can’t seem to find a solution for your problem, give us a call at 651-452-6100 for a free no obligation consultation.

Case Studies

TMI Coatings Project Twenty Years Later

In 1999, TMI Coatings was contracted to prepare and recoat the exterior of two large dust collectors in Plato, MN. The steel structures were experiencing corrosion and TMI determined a long term solution that required minimal maintenance for the company. Procedure: TMI high pressure washed with 4,000 psi pressure washers and removed all inferior existing…

Silo Foundation Restoration by TMI Coatings

A packaging manufacturer contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to restore and protect 12’ diameter silos. The foundations of the silos were experiencing deterioration and the product inside was facing contamination. The firm asked for advanced protection against future corrosion. Our staff consulted with the site managers to ensure the protection of their product and safety…

Paint Rusty Piping

TMI Coatings, Inc recently was hired to repair and re-coat the rusty feed and filtration ductile iron piping for the City of Temple, TX. The piping was heavily corroded; in addition to sandblasting and re-coating the pipes, TMI removed and replaced thousands of corroded bolts.  Spool replacement, temporary pipe supports, and rubber gaskets between the…

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