Specialty floor coatings for manufacturing

TMI Coatings has the experience and expertise to recommend and install a variety of floor coatings depending on the specific needs of your environment. Sometimes within one facility different rooms require different floor coatings. One such facility is a paper manufacturer in International Falls, MN. In a recent project, TMI installed two different types of protective floor coatings so that the customer would get the best return on investment in each location.

To the aisleways and entrance, TMI applied TMI CHEM-RESIST. The TMI CHEM-RESIST flooring system consists of a low odor, 100% solids epoxy resin with aggregate fillers. TMI CHEM-RESIST is tough, durable, and suitable for industrial use.

To the chemical storage area and generator floor, TMI installed a self-leveling cementitious urethane floor topping with an additional novolac top-coat for increased chemical resistance. This 100% solids cementitious urethane floor topping is designed to protect the concrete from chemical attacks, corrosion, impact, and thermal shock. It has excellent resistance to splash and spill of acids, alkalis, fuel, hydraulic oils, and solvents.

These heavily trafficked areas of the plant were difficult to access, but TMI worked with the customer to ensure all steps of the installation were done to the highest standard including surface preparation and finish coat. The customer was happy and even noted that the TMI crew worked well with his team.

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PCA - Boise Paper Flooring by TMI Coatings

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