Stack Restoration and Coating

TMI Coatings was contracted to repair and coat the exterior of a 21′ diameter x 180′ tall brick stack at a facility in St. Paul, MN.  The stack had become an eyesore with pieces of brick missing and large holes in the surface.  There was a safety concern due to chunks of falling debris.

After the steel bands around the stack were clean, a considerable amount of corrosion was revealed.  The bands were primed with an epoxy rust-inhibitive primer for corrosion protection.  An elastomeric top coat was then applied to the concrete/brick surfaces and the metal bands for a uniform appearance.

Elevated Water Tank Rehabilitation

Elevated Water Tank Rehabilitation

TMI Coatings, Inc. rehabilitated an elevated water tank for the City of Princeton.  The tower was constructed in 1964 and last coated by TMI Coatings in 1996.  After structural repairs…

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