Tank and Roof Insulation

TMI Coating’s crews have experience installing insulation on tanks and roofs for industry

TMI Coatings has over 30 years experience in applying sprayed-in-place urethane foam insulation to reduce energy costs and/or condensation.  TMI also applies thermal insulating coatings. These fluid-applied coatings for insulating purposes are ideal for pipes, valves, tanks and structural steel.  The coating is applied directly to the substrate without cutting, shaping, wrapping or cladding.


Foam Insulation for Reliant Energy Fire Water Tank

Fire water tanks need to maintain a minimum 45º F water temperature to avoid freezing. Foam insulation was applied to a large water tank in New York for Reliant Energy by TMI Coatings, and the owner was extremely pleased. On December 1, the inspector noted that “the inside temperature of the fuel tank is 70º F! Unbelievable…”

Anaerobic Digesters And Sludge Tank

TMI Coatings, Inc. recently completed a repainting project for the City of Lincoln, Nebraska at a Water Resource Recovery Facility.  The project consisted of re-coating the exteriors of three anaerobic digesters and one sludge storage tank.  All were cleaned of all dirt and debris by pressure washing at 5,000 psi, followed by cutting out failed spray foam insulation and application of new spray foam insulation to the surrounding plane.  The coating system used was an innovative overcoat system consisting of Tnemec Series 118 and Series 1072.  The first coat consisted of a primer on exposed steel then followed by foam repair.  Tnemec’s innovative water-based formulation designed specifically for over coating aged coating systems in the toughest exterior environments was the first of the two-coat system.  The finish coat was chosen due to its superior weathering characteristics.  Following the finish coat, TMI placed large logo/graphics in a full 360-degree wrap around the digesters. Steve Crisler, Lincoln Wastewater Systems Superintendent said, “I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to you and your workforce for the excellent restoration, protective coatings application and logo branding performed on our anaerobic digesters. Thank you for a successful project”.


Emergency Repair of a Deaerator Tank for the St. Peter Regional Treatment Center

TMI Coatings, Inc. of St. Paul, MN completed an emergency repair of a Deaerator Tank for the Regional Treatment Center in St. Peter Minnesota. After TMI Coatings lined the tank interior the exterior of the tank was prepared by pressure washers to remove dust, dirt and other contaminants. TMI further hand/tool cleaned. TMI primed the exterior using Tnemec Series 1224 and finished with a top coat using Tnemec Series 971. Tnemec series 1224 consists of an advanced generation, water-based epoxy coating that is low odor. This product is specifically formulated to provide a corrosion resistant barrier. When used as a one or two coat system, this series protects metal substrates from the effects of corrosion under insulation. The high-performance formulation offers excellent adhesion and protection up to 400°degrees. Tnemec series 971 consists of an innovative thermal insulating coating. This series is ideal for insulating pipes, valves, tanks, structural steel or other substrates. Tenemc series 971 is a durable, corrosion-resistant coating system that bonds to the substrate, significantly reducing the issues associated with corrosion under insulation.

“TMI did an excellent job it was amazing, it’s unbelievable, at 240° F you can put your hand on the coating and not burn your hand. Looks like will stay on a lot longer than fiberglass. I’m very impressed. It has kept the heat down! TMI was very professional, didn’t make a mess, it was a nice project, I appreciate the job you did. Everything is back in service and operating like a new tank,” per Jim Murphy (507) 469-0502.

New Foam Roof for Butler Steel Building

A company in Lexington, Kentucky contracted with TMI Coatings for the application of sprayed-in-place urethane foam insulation on the roof of their 236,000 square foot manufacturing plant.

TMI’s foam crew removed unused roof penetrations and covered the openings with new galvanized sheet metal. Loose screws were tightened and missing self-tapping screws were replaced. The roof surface was then cleaned to provide maximum adhesion of the foam insulation. Adhesion tests were performed by TMI to ensure the foam insulation would adhere to the metal deck.

Urethane foam insulation was then spray-applied to an average 2″ thickness and a base coat of elastomeric coating was applied to a 20 mil dry film thickness. Next, an elastomeric top coating was applied to achieve an overall 40 mil dry film thickness.

Walkways were installed incorporating aggregate in the coating around HVAC equipment to protect the roofing system from foot traffic.

Wastewater Tanks Insulated

TMI sandblasted, primed and insulated the exterior of two sludge thickener tanks for a Waste Treatment Plant in Janesville, Wisconsin. TMI spray applied 1-1/2″ (R-Value = 10) of seamless sprayed-in-place urethane foam insulation to both tanks to prevent wastewater from freezing and to decrease energy costs in heating the tanks. TMI then applied a weather resistant hypalon elastomeric coating to the insulation for long term protection .  On a separate contract with the Owner, TMI also sandblasted and lined the interior of two tanks, 92′ diameter x 36′ high and three tanks, 40′ diameter x 24′ high, for corrosion protection.

Acoustical Insulation by TMI Coatings

TMI Coatings applies sound deadening material to ceilings and walls to reduce noise. At 1.25 inches, the NCR (sound absorption characteristic) is .80. At 2 inches, the NCR is .95 in accordance with ASTM Standard Tests and other laboratory tests. This material is equal to K-13 (K-13 is a brand name).

Sound deadening material consists of specially milled cellulose fibers treated with fire retardant chemicals. This attractive “carpet-like” textured insulation is spray applied to ceilings and walls to decrease noise, control condensation, and reduce heating and cooling costs. The finish can have high light reflectivity.

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Urethane Foam Insulation

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Salt Storage Dome

A Fortune 1000 company requested TMI Coatings to insulate and install protective coating on their salt storage dome. TMI prepared the surfaces by pressure washing, then applied sprayed-in-place foam insulation at an average of 2” thick. Also, a top coat…

TMI Seals Silo Base/Wall Juncture

TMI Coatings was contracted to seal the silo base/wall juncture around the circumference of silos.  Each silo was thoroughly pressure washed with 4,000 psi pressure washers to remove dirt, debris and contaminants from the area. TMI then installed new sprayed-in-place…

Corrosion Under Insulation

TMI Coatings removed existing sprayed in place foam insulation, sandblasted, and painted three (3) 170’ diameter ground storage tanks.  During removal of the old insulation and lead-based paint, an aging wood framed base on the concrete foundation was discovered.  To…

Insulating and Waterproofing a Leaky Roof Juncture

A livestock feed ingredient producer completed a warehouse expansion where the old roof overhung the new roof, which created a gap at the roof junctures. Wind driven rain, snow and melting ice was backing up between the juncture and leaking…

TMI Coatings Repairs CO2 Tank Insulation

TMI Coatings recently repaired the existing sprayed-in-place foam insulation and coating on a horizontal CO2 tank. The coating attached to the spray foam insulation was loose in many areas and some of the foam insulation had deteriorated and disbonded from…

TMI Removes Lead Based Paint From Fire Water Tanks In Iowa.

  Fire Water Tanks are commonly insulated to maintain fire water temperatures above freezing. Sprayed-in-place urethane foam insulation is commonly chosen as an insulation system at an R-value of approximately 6/inch. TMI Coatings insulated a Fire Water Storage Tank 52’…

TMI Coats Ceiling and Walls of Coast Guard Vessel.

A shipbuilder in Superior, WI recently had a project where the insulation in the mechanical room below deck had moisture and condensation problems. While remodeling other parts of the ship, the owner found out they needed to remove the insulation…

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