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Tank Lining and Silo Painting Services near Dallas, Texas

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) is an industrial painting and restoration contractor. We apply various coatings for corrosion protection, chemical resistance, and food safety. TMI personnel have the expertise to specify the proper surface preparation methods and the knowledge to recommend and apply a suitable coating or lining material. Field employees are trained and skilled at installing various lining materials for different environments, including force-curing our tank lining systems for food safety. We have completed numerous tank-lining projects across the country.

Benefits of Tank Lining

Our tank lining services offer many unique benefits exclusive to TMI’s services, such as:

  • Corrosion protection
  • Protects the tank from harmful chemicals or corrosive environments
  • When installed correctly, specific linings can make a tank sanitary and suitable for food-grade use
  • Tank linings create a barrier to protect and extend the life of your company’s concrete or metal tanks

Dallas, TX Tank Lining Services

TMI recently completed a tank lining project in Dallas, TX, for ADM Corn Processing. TMI sandblasted the interior of the tanks to the proper SSPC standard per manufacturers’ specifications, applied a food-grade lining system suitable for constant immersion in sucrose at elevated temperatures, and force-cured the lining as needed for food-grade lining systems.

We have also completed tank-lining projects for Bimbo Bakeries, Ardent Mills, 3M, Tyson Foods, and many other manufacturing and food-processing facilities across the country.

Silo Painting

TMI performs silo painting projects to provide corrosion protection and restore companies’ infrastructure. TMI has completed silo painting projects for owners in many industries, including plastic manufacturing, food processing, cement and lime, chemical, and many others. Our process and the coating system we select have been used repeatedly with great success. TMI has over 35 years of experience determining the best solution for re-coating your silos and can provide a no-cost proposal to complete the work. Click here to contact us for a free quote: https://tmicoatings.com/free-quote/.

Near Dallas, TX, we have completed painting projects for ADM, USALCO, PACTIV, Poly America, and various other companies. TMI has completed hundreds of silo painting projects across the country. For some examples of past work completed, visit https://tmicoatings.com/category/tank-maintenance/.

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