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Tank/ Silo/ Bin Painting

Steel or concrete, we can seal, waterproof and restore

Grain Bin Painting And More!

The terms tanks, silos and bins can sometimes be synonymous depending on what your facility or industry has historically called them. No matter if they are made of steel or concrete; hold beets, beans, corn or wheat (or any other variable of commodity), our Confined Space Entry (CSE) trained field employees have the experience of accessing, preparing and installing all types of interior linings and or exterior restoration and coating systems.

TMI Coatings is a painting and restoration contractor. We have considerable experience doing maintenance painting at customer locations.  We are a safety-conscious contractor. TMI has extensive experience working at heights.

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Industrial Painting of Silos, Lafarge North America, Inc. Case Study

A large industrial cement company requested TMI Coatings to prepare surfaces and apply primer and top coat to two steel silos, each 26’ diameter x 80’ high, including structural supports. The paint analysis indicated lead based paint so TMI being a lead abatement/encapsulation company had to take precautions for high levels of lead in accordance with OSHA Rules and Regulations. TMI pressure washed, hand/tool cleaned all rusty areas then applied one full coat of rust-inhibitive epoxy primer by brush and roller to ensure no overspray concerns. TMI top coated with a quality paint coating material suitable for tanks, legs, distributors and spouts.

Ron Thostenson said the quality of work completed by TMI Coatings was excellent and he has more work for us to do next year.

Two overhead bins at a facility being painted white
Water tower being painted red and white stripes
TMI crew member safely rigged off while painting a large dome roof
Photo of structural steel and bins painted white and red

TMI Seals Silo Base/Wall Juncture Case Study

Bin base juncture waterproofed with a black coating

TMI Coatings was contracted to seal the silo base/wall juncture around the circumference of silos. Each silo was thoroughly pressure washed with 4,000 psi pressure washers to remove dirt, debris and contaminants from the area. TMI then installed new sprayed-in-place foam insulation to create a cant at the silo base to shed rainwater away from the base of the tank. The foam insulated cant was then top coated with a black urethane elastomeric coating in a thick-film manner to seal and protect the base/wall juncture. The protective coating forms a barrier between the tank base and foundation to reduce corrosion and water intrusion.

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