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TMI Coatings Applies Quartz Flooring

TMI Coatings applied quartz flooring to a walkway and pool hallway for slip resistance for safety at a Wisconsin YMCA. The previous pool walkway would become slippery when wet. The owner had previously applied aluminum oxide into the floor coating but it was too coarse and hurt peoples feet as they walked on it. By applying the CHEM-RESIST quartz flooring, the owner had an aesthetically pleasing floor with slip resistance for safety. The facility has not had any complaints regarding the finish texture of the floor; they have had many compliments about how good the floor looks.

Old Aluminum Oxide floor coating

Finished CHEM-RESIST Quartz flooring applied by TMI

Large Pipe Coating Project

Large Pipe Coating Project

TMI Coatings contracted with Berkshire Hathaway, an energy based company to complete sandblasting and coating miles of piping at several locations in Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa.  TMI protected…

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