TMI Coatings Completes Interior Of Wet Well For New Construction Concrete Project

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was recently contracted through a general contractor at the direct request of a large utility supplier.  TMI was contracted on a new construction concrete project to complete the interior lining of a wet well.


  • TMI filled bug holes after mechanically abrading with diamond grinders to create a profile on the new concrete for proper coating adhesion.  Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) was implemented for all TMI workers.
  • TMI then applied a moisture mitigating epoxy primer to all areas below the waterline.  This process creates a thorough seal and reduces outgassing.
  • TMI then installed a very thick-film urethane elastomer system utilizing a trowel-grade product in excess of 250 mils thick.


The wet well is now lined.  Our contact Keith Maciejewski stated, “Everything went good. Haven’t heard any complaints.”

Wet well prepared for coating adhesion

Urethane elastomer system completed
Flour Silo Lining

Flour Silo Lining

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