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TMI Coatings Installs SafeLane™ Traffic Deck Coating

TMI Coatings is an exclusive applicator of SafeLane™ traffic deck coating. TMI has applied SafeLane at various milling facilities throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. The reason for coating pedestrian walkways at the various milling facilities was to reduce slips and falls during snowfalls in the winter. SafeLane™ is a uniquely designed patented material that releases a salt residue (brine) from the aggregate so snow and sleet melt reducing slips and falls. TMI has installed this system at hospital and office entrances, and on various outdoor walkways at manufacturing facilities with excellent success.

TMI’s customer, Jim Fuchs, was very happy that the project was completed without interference to their production and that TMI’s work was done safety and neatly. “The application of the SafeLane went very well here in Lake City, MN. I observed TMI demonstrating great safety behaviors throughout the project. Pre and post-job with cleanup was excellent. I would recommend this product and contractor again. Hope to see more SafeLane here in Lake City next year.”

SafeLane™ Coating on Walkway

SafeLane™ walkways

Anaerobic Digesters And Sludge Tank

Anaerobic Digesters And Sludge Tank

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