TMI Coatings is Experienced in Lead Based Paint Removal

TMI Coatings received a contract to remove all the loose and flaking paint and encapsulate the remaining existing lead based paint on block walls and a wooden ceiling inside of a food plant.  Our crews receive specific training for lead removal and abatement. We submitted a site specific lead plan to the owner’s representative before beginning the project.

To collect all hazardous chips and ensure that any lead dust would not escape from the room where the crew was working TMI hung poly over doors and around the perimeter of the work area and installed ground cover. Then we prepared surfaces using grinders with proper vacuum attachments. The project team collected all chips, vacuumed all dust and disposed of all debris daily.

This project was scheduled during a critical plant shutdown and completed on time. The customer was very happy with TMI’s workmanship and safety.


Kerry Ingredients, Rochester, MN

Kerry Ingredients, Rochester, MN

Kerry Ingredients in Rochester, Minnesota expanded their production and requested TMI Coatings to seal the cyclone/floor juncture to reduce the risk of water seeping into the rooms below.  When the…

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