TMI Coatings protects new concrete floors in food plant

TMI Coatings, Inc. was contracted by local seafood distributor Morey’s Seafood to install protective flooring and cants/coves on approximately 8,000 sq. ft. of flooring. The customer purchased an old building, removed all the existing concrete, and poured a new slab which needed to be coated. The customer needed a durable floor topping to protect the concrete because the new floors are constantly wet in the seafood plant.

Typically new concrete needs to cure for a minimum of 28 days before floor coatings can be installed. TMI cementitious urethane is a perfect solution to minimize that typical down time as it can be applied 5-7 days after new concrete is poured. TMI showed Morey’s Seafood a similar plant where TMI installed cementitious urethane with great success, and it convinced Morey’s Seafood to use TMI for their new floors.

TMI installed a self-leveling 100% solids cementitious aromatic urethane system with a quartz aggregate broadcast in the new food processing plant. This system is typically installed at an average of 3/16” – ¼” thickness. This system is designed to protect concrete from chemical attack, corrosion, impact and thermal shock. It is also unaffected by freeze/thaw cycles. This system is often used in commercial kitchens in restaurants, wet areas, meat/poultry and dairy processing, and processing areas with very good success. This system meets USDA, FDA and CFIA standards.

TMI also installed cants around the perimeter of the room to have a thorough seal at the wall/floor juncture to reduce the risk of water seeping under the walls. The customer stated he was very happy with TMI’s crew and how efficient and professional they were. About the TMI crew he said, “TMI Coating’s crew were the easiest guys to work with; the product is great.”

Cementitious urethane flooring protects new concrete at seafood distributor