TMI Installs Intricate Logo

Big Soo Terminal, in northwest Iowa, is continually looking to make improvements to its facility. This year’s project included the painting of their two large oil tanks. The tanks were in need of sandblasting and painting to reduce corrosion and improve aesthesis.

Following a safety meeting, TMI Coatings crew members began with preparing the surface by sandblasting, grinding and water blasting. A full coat of rust-inhibitive epoxy metal primer was applied. TMI finished the tanks with a high quality industrial paint.

After the two tanks were painted the crew then applied a 14’ wide by 20’ tall logo. The logo was positioned to have the most exposure to a nearby highway. TMI had a template made and the team began painting the very complex and intricate design with ½” artist brushes. Because the white logo was painted over the dark green tank, two coats were applied. After several long days, the logo was complete.

When the project was completed the owner said, “We are so very proud of the logo. We love that you can see it on the hill top nearly 2 miles away.”

Logo painting in progress

Finished painted with new logo

2015 Safety Award!

2015 Safety Award!

TMI Coatings has worked over 22 months without a lost time injury! All TMI field employees with over 600 hours on April 1, 2016 were eligible for a safety contest. …

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