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TMI Lines FRP Water Treatment Tank.

The City of Greeley, CO recently hired TMI Coatings to fiberglass line their 10,000 gallon FRP water treatment tank.
To prolong the life of the tank, TMI relined the FRP with glass fiber embedded in Novalac Epoxy resin. Resin is mixed with a catalyst or hardener and fiberglass is hand laid up to form a laminate. The fibers add stiffness and strength. TMI brush blasted the interior surface of the tank to remove dirt and other foreign matter; the abrasive dust was removed by brushing and vacuuming. TMI crewmen then applied a primer/tie coat and then multiple layers of fiberglass lining was applied by hand lay up.

Fiberglass Tank Lining

Large Pipe Coating Project

Large Pipe Coating Project

TMI Coatings contracted with Berkshire Hathaway, an energy based company to complete sandblasting and coating miles of piping at several locations in Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa.  TMI protected…

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