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TMI Repairs Water Clarifier

Recently, TMI Coatings consulted with The Gulf Coast Water Authority and was hired to repair a water clarifier in Texas City, Texas. The clarifier was 90 feet in diameter and 13,500 square feet of surface area.

TMI protected the working mechanisms of the clarifier mixer and drive motors prior to repairing the failed coating and exposed steel areas. A brush blast per SSPC SP 7 of all internal steel areas was done in preparation for the protective coating. TMI technicians applied epoxy to all the repaired areas and a coat of Amerlock 2 epoxy to all internal metal areas of the clarifier.

The result was a repaired smooth surface with excellent corrosion protection.

Anaerobic Digesters And Sludge Tank

Anaerobic Digesters And Sludge Tank

TMI Coatings, Inc. recently completed a repainting project for the City of Lincoln, Nebraska at a Water Resource Recovery Facility.  The project consisted of re-coating the exteriors of three anaerobic…

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