TMI Restores Large Feed Manufacturing Facility

TMI Coatings completed a large painting project for an animal feed manufacturer located in western Minnesota. TMI painted their feed mill tower, hand rails, distributor and spouts. The owner was concerned about the corrosion beginning to form on the feed mill as well as aesthetics as the feed mill is the largest structure in town.

Upon arrival TMI’s crew surveyed the project, discussed all safety issues, and proceeded to rig the feed mill tower with a swing stage. TMI prepared the various surfaces with a combination of Brushblasting (SSPC SP7), high pressure water blasting, and power tool cleaning (SSPC SP3). The first of two coats was a rust inhibitive epoxy primer to reduce corrosion. TMI finish coated with a high quality direct to metal paint coating with superior exterior performance properties.

After completing the feed mill painting the owner commented “TMI’s crew was very professional.” The owner went on to mark ‘excellent’ in all categories of the service evaluation card.

Corroded exterior prior to restoration

Completed painting and restoration

Epoxy Sealer/Dustproofer Floor Coating

Epoxy Sealer/Dustproofer Floor Coating

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