TMI water tower crew impresses facility director

TMI Coatings is a premiere coating contractor capable of large-scale projects such as water towers and water storage tanks. Most often water towers are operated by municipalities, but TMI can also coat private water towers for businesses. Recently in east Texas, TMI coated the interior and exterior of a 50,000-gallon water storage tank on the large campus of an international charity.

For the exterior of the water tower, TMI prepared the surface by high pressure washing and further hand/power tool cleaning the water tower. In areas that were hand/power tool cleaned, TMI spot primed with a rust-inhibitive primer. Then a full intermediate coat was applied to the entire water tower followed by a full finish coat with very good gloss and color retention. TMI even applied a beautiful new logo!

For the interior of the water tower, TMI sandblasted to a Near White Metal Blast in order to prepare the substrate for new coating. All welds received a stripe coat before TMI applied the epoxy lining suitable for potable water immersion.

The facility director said he could not have been more impressed with the TMI crew. They were, “very polite and courteous and they keep a clean job site.”

TMI Coatings Protects Salty Steel

TMI Coatings protects salty steel

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