Toro-Spherical Tank

TMI Coatings, Inc. specializes in the rehabilitation and repainting of elevated water storage tanks.  With construction of elevated tanks being built to a wide variety of styles and sizes, the one recurring challenge is rigging to allow full access to all tank surfaces.  TMI utilizes specially designed rigging and platforms to access the tank exterior as well as the interior water bowl, shell, and ceiling.

The picture shown is the interior of a toro-spherical tank at the wall to roof area called the knuckle.  TMI is abrasive blasting the full interior water compartment to an SSPC SP10 Near-White Metal Blast.  Upon completion of blasting and quality control verification testing, TMI will re-coat the tanks’ interior with a NSF certified epoxy paint system for public drinking water.

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Toro Spherical Tank Knuckle

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