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TMI Coatings

Waste Water

TMI Coatings Inc. has the experience, equipment and personnel to complete many various types of projects throughout the waste water industry, including clarifier lining, egg shaped anaerobic digesters, filters, reservoirs, mixing basins, concrete tank lining, fiberglass dome restoration and gel coating, weirs, pipe painting and lead abatement. See the full list of services below:

Specialty Coatings:

Floor Coatings:

Tank Linings:

Industrial Painting:

Large pipe on concrete pedestals

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Repairing And Restoring Fiberglass Domes

Weathering and ultraviolet rays can cause fiberglass to deteriorate over time.  TMI Coatings’ crews high pressure washed to clean the domes’ structure prior to repairing voids and holes with fiberglass patch. A final gel coat was applied to all surfaces to improve longevity of the domes.  TMI Coatings’ EMR is .90. We use our own field…

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