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Frequently Asked Questions

How is TMI Coatings different from its competitors?

TMI is a diversity, Woman-Owned Small Business.  Our corporate office is located in Saint Paul, MN, but we have several other locations throughout the country including Saint Louis, Missouri; Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas; and Houston, Texas.  We also travel to our customer locations throughout the Central US.

What is TMI Coatings?

We are painting and restoration contractors.  We coat steel to reduce corrosion, and we do concrete restoration and coating.

Do you use your own crews?

TMI Coatings employs and trains its own field workers.  Our field workers are skilled craftsmen with experience doing commercial and industrial painting. They travel to our customer locations throughout the country to perform spalling concrete restoration and steel coatings.

Who are some of your customers?

ADM, Cargill, Toro, Honeywell, 3M, Bimbo Bakeries, the Federal Government, and municipalities.

Do you do residential work?

No, we are commercial and industrial contractors.  We go to our customer locations throughout the country to do our construction services.  We sandblast and paint steel, we line tanks, do concrete floor coating and restoration, and other similar construction activities.

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